Rivista interdisciplinare di studi medicei

Six monthly
ISSN 1974-7004

Founded and directed by Marco Ferri e Clara Gambaro

Medicea is the first journal that is entirely devoted to studies on the Medici family and the many subjects that are directly or indirectly related to this Florentine dynasty. 'Medicea' is, in fact, a interdisciplinary journal that embraces and interelates within the domain of Medicean influence subjects such as Agriculture, Architecture, Art, Botanics, Collectorship amongst others,.
This journal will be four-monthly, offering its readers a multifarious choice of articles on these different subjects, contributed by Italian and international scholars and specialists, well known names as well as lesser famous authors, all of whose leitmotiv will be the impact the Medici family had on world culture and the history of Humanism

Yearly subscription: 2 issues
35 Euro (Italy) 50 Euro (out of Italy)
Each issue 15 €

Latest published issue: n. 12 (December 2012)