A sumptuosly illustrated publication of the works of Antonello da Messina – the most important Sicilian painter of Italian Quattrocento -written by Fiorella Sricchia Santoro, the leading specialist on this author whose previous monograph on this painter (1986) was groundbreaking and has long been out of print. This volume features new important updates on Antonello's production, it explores his artistic background, as well as his many ties to northern European painting, and presents new findings and attributions. A large section is devoted to the works of Antonello's son Jacobello and to those of Antonio Giuffré. An illustred list of all the works of Antonello completes this important scholarly publication.

A pupil of Roberto Longhi, Fiorella Sricchia Santoro, is a noted art historian, and a specialist of Florentine and Sienese painting of the XVI and XVII centuries, as well as of Antonello. A professor at the Universities of Siena, Florence and Messina, she has directed the Journal 'Prospettiva' from 2003 to 2016.

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