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PROSPETTIVA - 167/168 (Luglio - Ottobre 2017)

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Max Seidel The myth of the 'Master of Rimini'. Reflections on the discovery of a masterpiece
read abstract » pag. 3-41
Francesco Caglioti “Un tondo bozzato di Nostra Donna”, the work of Benedetto da Maiano
read abstract » pag. 42-73
Marco Tanzi The anticlassical heights of Marcello Fogolino
read abstract » pag. 74-101
Monica de Cesare, Hedvig Landenius Enegren The 'Athlete' of Segesta. Statuette of discus thrower from the sanctuary of Contrada Mango
read abstract » pag. 102-113
Antonella Dentamaro New developments regarding Jacopo della Pila, with a digression on some Neapolitan sculptures in the Victoria and Albert Museum
read abstract » pag. 114-141
Stefano L’Occaso Titianesque portrait of Cardinal Ercole Gonzaga
read abstract » pag. 142-147
Alessandro Brogi The 'Night' by Ludovico Carracci
read abstract » pag. 143-155
Andrea Daninos The art collection of Antoine Benoist
read abstract » pag. 156-175
Federica Maria Rovati The fortune of Christo in Italy 1963-1978
read abstract » pag. 176-195