Centro Di is launching a new project on communicating the arts: a series of lectures on the arts – on painting, sculpture, architecture, decorative arts, design, photography, landscape and botany, costume and fashion – given by the foremost experts on each subject.
The talks will follow a format that addresses a non-academic audience, adopting an accessible, albeit high-level language in a brief 45 minute time frame. The ambition of Brevissime is to spread a knowledge of the arts generally reserved for academics, and to do so by translating a scholarly idiom into one that will reach, and possibly inspire, a larger and more general public.
Organized by Centro Di, the lectures will be live and hosted by museums, galleries, private and public venues. There will be two series per year, one in the Spring and one in the Fall.

Single Ticket: 13€
Students: 5€
Language: Italian
Time: 18.45-19.30

Info: edizioni@centrodi.it