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PROSPETTIVA - 183 (Luglio 2021)

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Giovanni Colzani 'Aphrodite removing her sandal': a series of small-scale copies
read abstract » pp. 3-15
Gianluca Amato The 'Platonic youth' by Bertoldo di Giovanni, or the 'Portrait of Giovanni Cavalcanti', the “amico unico” of Marsilio Ficino
read abstract » pp. 16-67
Roberto Bartalini More on Niccolò di Cecco del Mercia
read abstract » pp. 68-76
Alessandra Peroni “Sì ho iurato”: a public promissio graffito by Jacopo della Quercia?
read abstract » pp. 77-83
Giacomo Alberto Calogero About a new book on Giovanni Bellini
read abstract » pp. 84-101
Marco Fagiani Il Riccio and Bartolomeo Coda at Monte Oliveto Maggiore: datings, new proposals and various considerations on the commissioner's choices
read abstract » pp. 102-110
Alessandro Brogi 'Saint Pasqual Baylón' by Giuseppe Maria Crespi: an unpublished drawing for a misunderstood engraving, another example of paternal generosity
read abstract » pp. 111-118