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PROSPETTIVA - 175-176 (Luglio-Ottobre 2019)

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Anna Maria Riccomini e Fabrizio Paolucci "In la vale". About Girolamo da Carpi and the Della Valle and Medici sculptures
read abstract » da 3 a 14
Bruna Bianco Saint Peter's chapel in Naples cathedral and the problem of Montano d'Arezzo: proposal for a revision
read abstract » 15-48
Stefano L’Occaso On the tracks of the Dalle Masegne brothers in Mantua: the cathedral façade and the Tomb monument of Margherita Malatesta
read abstract » 49-64
Giulio Dalvit Vecchietta's Arliquiera: programme, function, and context
read abstract » 65-99
Michela Zurla From Genoa to Berlin passing through Florence: Wilhelm Bode, Stefano Bardini and the auction of the Santo Varni collection
read abstract » 100-128
Roberto Bartalini Francesco Salviati in the chapel of the Margrave of Brandenburg in Santa Maria dell'Anima
read abstract » 129-145
Alessandro Angelini The 'Resurrection of Christ' by Guillaume Bonoyseau from Palazzo Ricci Sacchetti in Rome and the French connection for Francesco Salviati
read abstract » 146-158
Agostino Allegri e Giovanni Renzi Cremona on the Danube. First look at a handful of the 16th-century drawings in Bratislava
read abstract » 159-178
Tomaso Montanari A new 'Portrait of a young man' by Gian Lorenzo Bernini the painter
read abstract » 179-182
Jacopo Stoppa Georges de la Tour at the time of Coronavirus
read abstract » 183-188